Remote Learning Spotlight: Scholastic Learn at Home

by Felicia Donovan

COVID-19 has brought new ideas to learning and multitasking for both adults and children. Scholastic has created a fantastic free resource for remote learning as parents run out of ideas to make learning fun for their children, while maintaining their work from home. Working remotely during a pandemic is challenging for both parents and children. Routines are broken, schedules are interrupted, and the sociability of human society has decreased immensely.

Scholastic offers tasks and curriculum for grades preschool through ninth grade. Each curriculum offers articles, videos, activities, tips and tricks, and more. Students can easily navigate their way through the Scholastic website without much help from a grown-up, depending on their age. Scholastic offers four weeks of programs and activities, and breaks them down day by day, week by week. Screen time can be hard to limit when everything has gone online, and Scholastic offers ideas for projects children can do at home.

Working together and utilizing resources is an excellent way for parents, professors, children, and others to maintain their sanity all while having fun!

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