STOP! In the Name of Reading: Early Literacy Tips

I know it might be shocking, especially coming from a library blog, but reading isn’t just about books. It’s about lifelong learning. Reading enables us to fully live and participate in the world around us. As we’re helping children learn how to read, consider all of the ways we communicate with words that don’t even involve reading a book:

  • Signs
  • Maps
  • Playing Games
  • Recipes
  • Instructions
  • Menus
  • Food Labels

Helping children understand that words and print are everywhere is the early literacy skill known as Print Awareness, it’s how we help children learn what reading is. That the scribbles and lines are actually words that communicate meaning. How exactly do we decipher these weird markings we see everywhere? Children need to learn that the words need to be read in a certain direction, or for that matter, what direction do we turn the pages of a book?

The beautiful thing about early literacy skills is that they are all connected. The everyday interactions of children with their trusted individuals already helps build those skills. Talking about what you’re doing and showing children what it means to follow a recipe, how to turn the page of a book, or pointing to signs as you read them are simple and effective ways to help children learn print awareness. As always we know you’re doing a great job, but if you have any questions follow the link HERE or reach out us HERE.



Young girl turning the page of a book.

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