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The Mesa County Libraries Adult Learning Center (ALC) is one of the leading adult education programs in Mesa County, annually serving approximately 200 individuals with free classes in adult literacy, English for speakers of other languages (English as a Second Language (ESL) classes), preparation for high school equivalency diplomas (GED Prep classes and Career Online High School), and citizenship classes designed to help students study the skills they need to pass the naturalization test.

Since 1987, the ALC has been dedicated to meeting the educational needs of adult learners in Mesa County, including those with disabilities. Our students represent American citizens, a mix of Latino, African, Asian, and European heritages from 21 countries; many are recent immigrants. The program helps adults learn new skills by teaching reading, writing, math, and English in a variety of program models.

As a student of the ALC English program, I can assure you that, regardless of our age, continuing to develop our skills and expand our knowledge is something that we should all try. When my family and I decided to start over in Grand Junction, it was clear to me that I had to improve my communication skills in English if I aspired to obtain a job that would allow me to develop professionally and intellectually. It’s thanks to the ALC that I can say that I’m achieving my goals.

The opportunity to socialize, meet new people, and develop friendships with others who share the same interests, has been one of the key benefits of the ALC. Finding a support network can be difficult when arriving at a new place, especially if the language and culture are very different. The lack of a support system can influence a person’s stress levels, but at the ALC you can find great friends who become an extended family with whom you share your joys, sorrows, goals, and achievements.

Making changes in our lives that help us progress can be very difficult and sometimes challenging. This is why the ALC’s role in our community is important, and part of the reason it has been so successful; it is thanks to its staff and volunteers, but above all, the support that colleagues give each other in the classroom. Everyone fights for the same thing: to make changes in their lives that help them progress. Individuals feel that they are part of a group with whom they can share different experiences and similar interests. Thanks to the support network that exists in the ALC, we can overcome difficulties and achieve our goals together.

“All progress is change, but not all change is progress.” – John Robert Wooden.

So if you are looking for progress and do not have all the tools you need, the Adult Learning Center at Mesa County Libraries is here to help you.

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