Exploring the Magic of ABCmouse


ABCmouse is an online educational platform designed for children aged 2 to 8. The platform provides interactive learning activities, including games, puzzles, songs, and animations, to engage children and make learning enjoyable. ABCmouse is known for its adaptive learning approach, tailoring the content to each child’s level and pace of learning. Additionally, parents can track their child’s progress, set learning goals, and receive detailed reports on their performance through the platform. Overall, ABCmouse aims to make early childhood education accessible, engaging, and effective for children and their families.

To access ABCmouse:

ABCmouse in-library use access link

ABCmouse at-home use access link (you will need your library card number and account password to access from home). 

For assistance, please give us a call at 970-243-4442, email us at ask@mcpld.org, or visit any of our 8 library locations in Mesa County.

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