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Did you know that 970West Studio has live-streaming equipment available? These days, the name of the game is content. Do you have a small business that needs a social media presence to boost customer engagement? You need content. Did you just start a YouTube channel that needs to grow and attract followers? You guessed it. Content. Luckily for you, 970West has you covered! 

Studio Users have access to a host of Elgato livestream tools like the Wave USB microphone for pro-sounding voice-overs, Facecam for crisp video footage, HD 60 capture card to capture that Ocarina of Time speedrun you have been perfecting, and the Elgato Stream Deck Plus to interact with it all at the touch of a button.

Maybe you have always wanted to try live streaming but didn’t have a subject in mind. Here at 970West, we aim to spark your creativity, so, in hopes of inspiring you to find and create your “thing,” here is a list of possible livestream ideas:


  • Do you have a presentation coming up at work or school? Ditch that boring PowerPoint slide show and record it using our live streaming tools and a streaming/recording app like OBS. Your presentation will be much more dynamic and memorable.

Process Videos:

  • Perhaps you are an artist or a crafter looking to generate some interest in your creations. Documenting your workflow is a great way to engage your audience.


  • Personally, I can’t get enough of tech unboxing videos. Watching a creator explore the contents and packaging of a new synthesizer, computer, camera, or other gadget fascinates me, but other types of unboxing videos are popular, as well.

Coding Sessions:

  • Show the world how your mind works by documenting the creation of some efficient and powerful computer code. Potential employers will be impressed by your knowledge and stamina.

Talk Shows:

  • Shed some light on an aspect of our society that your audience would like to know more about, or wing it and produce a general interest show. The talk show format has been universally popular for decades. 

Music Set:

  • Whether you are an established band or an underground solo artist, live-streaming a performance of your music is a powerful way to unleash your unique sounds onto the world. Extra creativity points if you improvise some or all of your set. It’s harder than it looks!

If you would like more information about live streaming, or any other related topics, library patrons can access LinkedIn Learning, which is a great resource for classes and tutorials.

Additionally, 970West offers classes, Q&A sessions, Audio and Video production workshops, and more! Email us at for more information.

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