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eResource Spotlight: Colorado Historic Newspapers

Here at Mesa County Libraries, we’re very passionate about our local history, and we love to help make researching it more accessible for everyone. If there’s one eResource we love that helps open a window into the past, it would definitely be Colorado Historic Newspapers! The Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection (CHNC) is a free archive […]

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Mango Languages Logo

eResource Spotlight: Mango Languages

Hola, ciao, and bonjour! Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? Want a refresher on your high school foreign language classes? Frustrated by the pushiness of the Duolingo owl? With Mango Languages, learning a new language is a breeze! Mango Languages offers courses on over 70 world languages. Explore popular languages like Spanish, […]

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Universal Class Logo

eResource Spotlight: Universal Class

Did you know that Mesa County Libraries patrons have access to over 600 free online classes? If not, then you should definitely look into Universal Class, a free eResource offering tutorials, lessons, and classes on a diverse array of topics. There’s something for everyone on Universal Class, from history lessons, art/hobby tutorials, cooking classes, test […]

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Points of View Reference Center

eResource Spotlight: Points of View Reference Center

Struggling to make sense of modern issues? Curious to learn new perspectives? Researching something you saw in the news? Points of View Reference Center might be just what you’re looking for. Points of View Reference Center provides everything you need to develop a deep understanding on hundreds of controversial topics, offering balanced and nuanced perspectives […]

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