New Clifton Branch takes shape as construction continues

Partially built new Clifton Branch in foreground, with Mount Garfield in the background.

Sheets of foam board insulation begin to encase the shell of the new Clifton Branch as Mount Garfield basks in evening light in the distance. (Photos by Jennifer Deering, Mesa County Libraries)

Each week that progress continues on the new Clifton Branch Library, it begins to look a little more like the vision we have been working toward over the past five years.

February saw the new building continue to take shape with exterior walls and, in the last week of February, FCI Constructors began installing the roof. Inside the building, plumbing and electrical work have also begun, along with installation of fire sprinklers and insulation. The framework of interior walls offers a glimpse of how the space inside the library will look when it’s finished.

Construction is still very close to the original schedule, and we are optimistic that construction will be complete in August or September 2023; we hope to celebrate the grand opening of the new Clifton Branch in October.

The new Clifton Branch, 3270 D ½ Road, will be approximately three times the size of the current library serving Clifton. The $11.5 million project is being funded by the Mesa County Public Library District and a Mesa County Libraries Foundation capital campaign.

If you would like to make a donation to support the new library, please visit the Clifton Branch webpage to find out more. Naming opportunities are available for major gifts to the capital campaign; please contact Development Director Ami Schiffbauer at 970-683-2438 for more information.

Metal studs stand on a concrete floor in the Clifton Branch Library under construction.

Interior rooms of the new Clifton Branch take shape as framing and insulation are added to the building.

Steel framing stands on a concrete floor with a stack of foam board insulation and Mount Garfield in the background.

Mount Garfield and a mountain of foam board insulation stand outside the frame-up of the Community Living Room in the new Clifton Branch.

A lift holds a plaform supporting a welder who is working on steel framing.

Welding apparatus makes its way along the south side of the new Clifton Branch as framing of the structure continues.

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