New Clifton Branch 70% complete

The application of stucco surface coating progresses at the new Clifton Branch Library, with color reflecting the desert palette of the Bookcliffs in the background. (Photos on this page by Jennifer Deering, Mesa County Libraries)

The new Clifton Branch Library is getting closer to completion each day. Currently, the building is approximately 70% complete.  

During the past month, interior work has continued, with the last of the drywall and interior doors installed by the end of May and many spaces throughout the new branch now being painted. Windows throughout the library and exterior doors will also be installed this month.  

Outside, if you’ve driven past the library at 3270 D½ Road (next to Rocky Mountain Elementary School), you may have noticed that the blue insulation sheets which went up over the winter are now being covered by stucco and stone. This exterior work will continue through June. 

In anticipation of the opening of the new Clifton Branch this fall, we have started ordering new furniture, as well as more materials for the collection at the new branch. While we will be moving our collection from the current Clifton Branch during the month of August, we have also budgeted $100,000 for additional items to be available at the new branch, including expanded kids, teen, and adult collections, DVDs and games for all ages, and a more extensive Spanish language collection.       

In addition to the materials that will be available for patrons to check out at the new library, we are also looking forward to sharing locally created art for people to enjoy when they visit the library. A Call for Public Art for the new Clifton Branch will be going out soon; local artists are encouraged to check the library’s website for more information about how to submit artwork for consideration to be displayed in the new library.

Finally, we are working with Confluence Woodcraft, a locally owned and operated business, to create a beautiful display using reclaimed wood from around the valley to recognize the many donors whose generous gifts have helped to make this new library possible. To find out more about how you can get your family or business name included on this display by supporting the new Clifton Branch, please contact Development Director Ami Schiffbauer at 970-683-2438. 

Colorful stone and a glass storefront come together to form the south entry of the new Clifton Branch.


Permanent windows have been installed in the wall openings along the front, main entry promenade of the new Clifton Branch.


Drywall and painting work start to bring a smooth, finished look to the interior wall surfaces of the new Clifton Branch.


Crates of cut stone await installation as the new Clifton Branch building moves into the surface finishing phase.

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  1. Thank you for the pictures of progress of new library. Really like the color of bricks on outside of the building. Also the large overhang when entering the building. Can hardly wait until it’s completed!

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