Poetry Contest flier

2018 Library Poetry Contest open through April 19

If you’re a poet and you know it, enter your best work in the Mesa County Libraries 2018 Poetry Contest! New to this year’s Poetry Contest is a Teen category for poets in grades 6-12. The Adult category welcomes entries by poets 18 and older. Poets are invited to submit as many as two original, […]

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Have You Listened to a Good Biography Lately?

It seems to be the time of the year that classroom assignments turn to thoughts of biography. Yes, those books that tell the stories of real people. Fortunately, fans of fiction and nonfiction agree: biographies are fun to read, whether you use your eyes or ears to do so. Basing engrossing narratives on interesting facts, […]

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The Woman in the Window

In the The Woman in the Window, by A.J. Finn, Anna Fox is in desperate trouble, although she doesn’t seem to know it yet. Separated from her husband and child and mortally afraid to leave her house, she spends too much time drinking Merlot and mixing up her medications. She keeps close tabs on her neighbors, […]

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Colorado mountains and rivers

Colorado State Recreation Guides

Can you feel it? Spring is, in fact, springing! Green things are growing, and the air is tingling with warmth.  It’s time for us to crawl out of our winter dens, rub our eyes, and stare wide-eyed at the sun-dappled world around us. If you’re feeling the urge to wander outside and partake in one […]

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Gutsy nonfiction

What could be better than cozying up to a stack of grisly medical histories and wincing at the misdeeds of the dirty-fingered, germ-denying butchers that made life in the old days so dangerous?  Much to my delight, I found a new book to add to my beloved genre, “the frightful facts about medical history.”  In The […]

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El Chavo Puppet Show

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who lived in a barrel. His name was El Chavo. One day, El Chavo and his friends decided to turn their neighborhood into a world of magic and fantasy. But, a meddling wolf appeared and threatened the peace of their magical world. What will they do? […]

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