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Small Business: Connecting With Your Community

Maybe you are an artist, musician or web designer. Maybe you are just dreaming of getting started in your career. Whatever your small business dream, you will likely need to promote and connect with people on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Twitter, and other social media. You will also want to network locally. Lynda, a database offered […]

Pigging Out on Books

With more holiday feasts on the horizon, it’s no wonder that most people think of “pigging out” as an act of mass consumption. When I talk about pigging out, though, I mean something somewhat different – thanks to Patrick who is 9 and loves pigs, I’ve been consuming (reading) lots of books featuring pigs. I’m […]

History for horror fans

Do you adore ghastliness? Are you a fan of the horrid? If you said “yes” to these questions, these nonfiction picks will appeal to your ghoulish nature. Chosen for their revolting subject matter, they are sure to disgust you. The Hot Zone by Richard Preston- A thriller of science “fact” that explains  gruesome filoviruses and […]

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Mesa County Libraries buy land for future branch library location  

  Mesa County Libraries have completed the purchase of five acres along F Road for a future library branch location. The land, located at 3180 F Road, is anticipated to be the future home of the current Clifton Branch Library. “We know that the Clifton Branch is undersized to adequately serve the population in that […]

Get into the winter mood with these cold-weather novels

The weather outside is definitely not frightful, and for that, I feel very aggrieved. To help me deal with my weather-related disgruntlement, I have found some pleasingly frigid novels. Each is set in a miserably wintry clime and will suit anyone seeking vicarious coldness. Turn the heat way down at home and pile on the […]

An Australian thriller

When Luke Hadler kills his family, then himself, it splits the small Australian town of Kiewarra apart. In  The Dry, by Jane Harper, Luke’s boyhood friend, Aaron Falk, comes back for the funeral after twenty years, having left as a teenager under the weight of suspicion that he and Luke had had something to do […]

Universal Class Spreads Holiday Cheery

Universal Class Spreads Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is upon us.  It’s the time for random relatives to come out of the woodworks, sugar intake to go up, belt notches to be loosened, and shiny, bright decor to radiate light from all angles.  Are you feeling slightly lackluster or in need of some new ideas to spice up your season? […]

Portrait of a Russian leader

Gorbachev: his life and times,  by William Taubman, was recommended to me by a patron who uses the library frequently. The New York Times called it  “the definitive English-language chronicle of this most intriguing figure.”  Praised in the west for his contributions to overturning the Soviet empire and despised in Russia by his own people, Gorbachev, […]

Tis the Season to Eat Soup

‘Tis the Season to Eat Soup

The use of your five senses has confirmed it: Winter is, in fact, coming.  The trees are bare and stripped of color.  The air smells crisp and carries a lingering chill.  Sneezes and nose sniffles can be heard resounding throughout the land.  But fear not! There is a positive component amidst all this grey frigidity:  […]