In praise of our furry friends

Where would we be without our pooches and kitties? In a very dismal place, that’s where. Our critters are our friends, companions, walking buddies, and alarm clocks. Sure, there are the gusts of fur that drift through our homes and the occasional chewed earbud cord to vex us, but studies show that having pets can […]

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Classic survival tales

When life seems too hard, and I want to snivel like the mope that I am, I buck myself up with thoughts of Meriwether Lewis and Ernest Shackleton. That’s right, these two legendary explorers and survivors of expedition-related disaster have been my inspiration, and can be yours, too! You must, however,  commit to a rigorous […]

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Earth Day blog cover photo

Books to Help Celebrate Earth Day

It’s that official time of year to celebrate Earth, the spectacular spinning ball of gases, rocks, and minerals which we call home.  Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 of each year.  According to, this celebratory tradition was originally conceived in 1970 by a man named Gaylord Nelson.  Nelson was a Wisconsin U.S. Senator […]

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Summer Reading logo

Puppet show sets the stage for Summer Reading at Mesa County Libraries  

Get the kids excited for Summer Reading at Mesa County Libraries by attending a “Reading Rocks!” puppet show at your nearest library location. Summer Reading officially starts May 29, but kids, teens, and adults can sign up now online. Summer Reading will feature awesome activities, plentiful prizes, and a Summer Entertainment Series jam-packed with magicians, musicians, […]

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Library Fiesta for Children’s Day

We celebrate moms on Mother’s Day; we celebrate dads on Father’s Day; and we even celebrate doughnuts on National Donut Day (yum!). But, how about children? Various Latin American countries, in fact, do celebrate such a day: el Día de los Niños or Children’s Day. Author Pat Mora learned about this celebration in Mexico, and […]

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Volunteer Appreciation infographic

Volunteers are crucial to the library – and its patrons

Thank a library volunteer this week! It’s Volunteer Appreciation Week, and it’s time to recognize how crucial volunteers are to the services that Mesa County Libraries provide. How crucial are they? The work that volunteers do helps the library circulate materials efficiently. In other words, when a patron returns a book or DVD to the […]

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The Terror

Supernatural horror and historical fiction may sound like an unlikely combination.  But The Terror, by Dan Simmons, is a brooding, bone-crunching thriller and a complex survival tale. Based on the events of the lost Franklin Expedition of the 1840s, which sought the elusive Northwest Passage in the Arctic, The Terror tells the story of the HMS Erebus and […]

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Art and events focus on compassion, civility, and homelessness

Mesa County Libraries are hosting a unique combination of art and events at the Central Library in downtown Grand Junction through May 10. The Civil Discourse Series consists of workshops and discussions that explore ways of understanding other people, engaging in constructive disagreement, and communicating with compassion. It also features an art exhibition about homelessness […]

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Mesa County Libraries staff

Celebrate National Library Workers Day!

By Shana Wade, Associate Director of Mesa County Libraries Today is National Library Workers Day! I’d like to take this opportunity to share how much I appreciate the staff at Mesa County Libraries.  I get to work with the most amazing people on a daily basis. They are smart, funny, creative, helpful, and more than anything […]

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