Everything She Forgot

In Everything She Forgot, Margaret Holloway’s life is literally cracked up when she is in a multi-car pileup one winter evening.  Trapped in her burning car, she is rescued by a disfigured man who breaks the window and pulls her out of the car right before it explodes.  Although she is not hurt seriously, the mysterious man and the accident continue to haunt her, reawakening fragments of memories from her childhood.  Flashbacks to 1985 tell the story of a child taken from in front of her school by her biological father, the youngest son of a  vicious crime family.  Raised by a malevolent father and beaten down mother, George McLaughlin is not like the rest of his family of murderous sociopaths.  All he ever wanted was to know and love his daughter, and it is easy to sympathize with him, although his reckless decision to take Moll leaves the reader with a strong sense of dread. The dark mystery at the heart of the novel is what will keep you in everythingsuspense until the very end.

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