Kids Read Picks, vol. 13

Kids Read Picks presents book reviews and recommendations from kids in Mesa County. Don’t be surprised if you can’t find some of these books at the library or in stores: kids who attend Kids Read Book Club on Tuesdays at 4:00 at the Central Library have access to books before they are officially published.

Rating System:

5: Hard to imagine a better book

4: Better than most

3: Readable

2: Needs work

1: How did it ever get published?





Ventrella, Kim. Bone Hollow.

“I loved this book. It was a very touching book. It starts out with a boy named Gabe dying while trying to save his guardian’s chicken. On a roof, in a thunderstorm. He dies, but not exactly, because he can still eat, cry, and move his body. Gabe and his dog, Ollie, find a girl who is named Wynne, who brings them to Bone Hollow. In Bone Hollow, Wynne teaches Gabe some magic that you can only use when you are half-dead. Many exciting things happen, and Gabe finds out who Death really is. Is Gabe destined to become the new Death? And when are Gabe and Wynne going to be fully dead? Read “Bone Hollow” to know!”

Rating: 4

-Lila, Grade 4


Sloan, Holly Goldberg and Meg Wolitzer. To Night Owl from Dogfish.

“This book brought sooooo many emotions I cried, I got angry at the characters, I got happy! So many EMOTIONS!!! I really loved the characters in this book! The two main ones ( two girls named Bett and Avery) where so different yet they still where best friends wishing to be sisters. Avery is a geek. And Bett is an animal- obsessed surfer girl from California. Do you see a similarity?! I definitely don’t! Oh also Avery is terrified of deep water but suuuper obsessed with health and is afraid of flesh-eating infections. NO SIMALARITIES!!! But after their gay dads get together and send both girls to a summer camp and they get kicked out they are friends! Do the girls find a way to get their dads back together? Not every ending is a happy ending! Will Avery find a way to get her birth mom and her dad to share her?”

Rating: 5

-Ella, Grade 4


Sachar, Louis. Sixth Grade Secrets.

“Laura is the captain of Pig City and if anyone tells anyone else about Pig City they have to do something embarrassing so when they join Pig City they each do something embarrassing. If they tell about Pig City they will get kicked out and they will show everyone their embarrassing thing”

Rating: 5

-Rin, Grade 3






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