Crucial Conversations

hands-578917_640The title of Roz Chast’s book and our One Book selection, Can’t We Talk about Something More Pleasant?, says it all. The topic of the end of our lives is naturally uncomfortable. Not only is it complicated and time consuming, to the point where it necessitates professionals–Roz consults a few for these affairs herself–it is also personally draining and likely emotional. No one wants to imagine being removed from a long time home, or situations where they are unable to make decisions for themselves. There is certainly heavy potential for things to become unpleasant–but the more prolonged and avoided, the more difficult things will become. Our expert panel will discuss not only the crucial topics for you to cover with your aging loved ones and why, but also how to make it a less stressful and more relaxed process. We Have to Talk will provide practical advice on how to make these conversations happen, and how they benefit all involved–Thursday at 6 pm at the Central Library.

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