March 1-it’s National Pig Day!

Every pig has its day, and today is it, thanks to two Texas sisters, Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne Rave, who decided in 1972 that the humble porker deserved its own day of tribute. Revered for their smarts and their affectionate natures, pigs are so much more than the main ingredient in BLTs. I have no personal acquaintanceship with any living pigs, other than having experienced a distinct feeling of alarm as they thundered past me at the county fair. You don’t want to get in the way of a fast-moving pig, let me tell you. But those in the know say pigs are happy, companionable, playful, and nice enough to have in the house. I cannot really endorse that last notion, however.

You want to talk loveable pigs in popular culture? How about Wilbur, Piglet, The Three Little Pigs, and Olivia: the all-star pigs in children’s literature. Show business pigs? Miss Piggy, Babe, and Porky Pig all come to mind. The noble pig has entertained us in many ways, and it’s a shame that their reputation is limited to sloppy mud-wallowers and pork products. I do wish their noses looked better, though; snouts are not pretty.

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  1. Wish it were National Respect Pigs Day.
    Check out the video of ‘The Secret Reason We Eat Meat’ by Melanie Joy on YouTube.

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