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You’ve been brainstorming which direction to take next for hours, days, or even months.  You sit down to write the song, but the melody refuses to match the words. The canvas continues to be disparagingly blank. You yearn to create something fulfilling and beautiful – but what? But how?

This, folks, sounds like a case of that evil mental monster known as creative block.

We’ve all experienced this discouraging lack of creativity from time to time.  I felt it while attempting to write this new blog post! While further examining this dilemma, I asked several of my artistic and innovative coworkers here at Mesa County Libraries how they personally find creative inspiration:

I check out books and DVDs by and about famous artists all the time. Also, through our library courier system, we can get books from as far away as the University of Wyoming, and they have a great collection of art books. Flipping through books and watching DVDs on Jean-Michel Basquiat, Hannah Hoch, Pop Art, and Dada have all inspired me to try new things with my own collage art.

– Trevor, Youth Services Library Associate

I’m constantly inspired by my friends’ creativity. If I hear a killer guitar riff or see a really well-designed poster, I’ll go back to the lab and dissect it and figure out how they made it and why it’s so cool. Usually that will inspire something inside me and drive me to create better art.

– Dave, Communications Coordinator

I find creative inspiration from looking at other people’s work. If I sit down and try to mimic a technique another artist has used I am usually teaching myself how to do it through a series of mistakes. These mistakes can sometimes lead to a bunch of garbage pieces, but they can also lead to something unique and wonderful.

– Jessica, Art Librarian  

I tend to be inspired by a mixture of my own friends’ work and the work of other artists I admire. A particular piece or phrase will stand out to me and really catch my attention, and that usually leads me to developing ideas for my own work.

– Rachel, Library Page

Allowing yourself to nurture the potential ingenuity locked up inside of you is crucial.  Often times, this involves collecting new ideas and motivation from prior works by other artists.

If you find yourself at home metaphorically beating your head against the wall, take a stroll over to the library! The library is a wonderful place to venture to when you’re in need of artistic encouragement.  Not only do we have loads of books on artists, motivation, and creativity in our catalog, but we support local artists and provide classes through the means of our Artist in Residence program. Our current Artist in Residence, Jack Laiche, is a self-taught painter who expresses himself through the use of vivid colors and fantastic abstract expressionism. Jack will be teaching an exciting array of art classes during his time as our Artist in Residence; you can find the full schedule of his classes listed here.

Additionally, feel free to get your dose of inspiration by browsing Mesa County Libraries 970West Digital Collection.  This collection includes photography, artwork, live music, and poetry created by some of Mesa County’s brightest artists.

Good luck on your artistic endeavors!


Image source: www.pixabay.com


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