My personal summer reading program

It’s June now, and some misguided busybody will probably tell you to get outside, be active, and soak in the summer rays. Please do not listen to them; you will only become sweaty and demoralized. To maximize comfort and optimize reading time, here are a few tips from The Laziest Woman in Town:

  • Find a nice, comfy chair. Now is not the time to be austere or worry about your posture.
  • Make everyone leave, or just not talk to you (forever). (No, of course not forever. That’s not nice.)
  • An open window with a breeze is pleasant. Try to find one.
  • A cat nearby (preferably purring) who knows how to mind his own business is a plus. Snuggling and reading, sadly, do not go together.
  • Grab the cooling beverage of your choice. Pink lemonade is a solid pick.
  • And, of course, have a stack (not too high, though; you don’t want to feel any pressure) of marvelous books that you’ve been longing to read. Here’s what’s in my stack:












What does your summer reading look like, and what’s in your stack?

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