Kids Read Picks, Vol. 4

Kids Read Picks presents book reviews and recommendations from kids in Mesa County. Don’t be surprised if you can’t find some of these books at the library or in stores: kids who attend Kids Read Book Club on Tuesdays at 4:00 at the Central Library have access to books before they are officially published.

Rating System:

5: Hard to imagine a better book

4: Better than most

3: Readable

2: Needs work

1: How did it ever get published?



Kelly, Erin Entrada. You Go First.

“This book is about to friends that are connected through online scrabble games.”

Rating: 5

-Makaeli, Grade 6



Gino, Alex. You Don’t Know Everything Jilly P!

“I really liked this book.It was about a big sister and her little sister who is deaf.”

Rating: 5

-Ada, Grade 5

Manuro & Gorobei. Hocus & Pocus: The Legend of Grimm’s Woods.

“I love this book because it is like a game, and I got so interested in this book that I spent a whole 55 minutes sitting and reading. Another reason why I love this book is because every single time you read this book it will be different.”

Rating: 5

-Lila, Grade 4

Alexander, K.R. The Collector.

“I liked this book because it has a little bit of everything to me. I think it’s one of the best books.”

Rating: 4

-Ada, Grade 5

Steinke, Aaron Nels. Mr. Wolf’s Class.

“I think this book is really good. It is about a new teacher who was really nervous about teaching. When they go to the school library Penny, a student who is very, very sleepy because she has a new baby brother at home, is missing!! There is a new kid named Margot, who is looking for a new friend. She makes a friend, Sampson, on the bus who she might have just something in common with. Aziza just want’s everyone to be quiet and do their work.”

-Josephine, Grade 4






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