New Children’s Books about Feelings

Emotions can be hard for everyone, especially when you’re very young. Everything is big, new, and exciting! But new can also be very challenging, especially when they’re big feelings like fear or anger. There are many wonderful children’s books about emotions, including classics like The Feelings Book by Todd Parr and When Sophie Gets Angry by Molly Bang, but I wanted to highlight some newer releases that caught my eye.


Big Boys Cry by Jonty Howley

A boy’s first day of school prompts tears, and he is told the common phrase “Big boys don’t cry.” But when the boy walks to school, he sees several men and big boys crying for many reasons, causing him to question that phrase. There is a lovely ending which made me feel a little teary myself.



The Color Monster by Anna Llenas

Color Monster wakes up confused about what he is feeling, and has to learn to identify his emotions with various colors. Reminds both children and parents that not knowing what you’re feeling can be worse than the feeling itself, and naming your emotions can be a powerful tool to managing them.





I’m Worried by Michael Black.

A sweet message about the importance of not allowing worry of what might be to overcome your enjoyment of the now.




Swarm of Bees by Lemony Snicket

This book reminds of Mr. Roger’s famous line: “What do you do with the mad that you feel, when you feel so mad you could bite?” In this book, some people try to hurt others when they’re angry, but others take the time to empathize: “Swarm of bees! Will you sting the bricklayer? No! … He is feeling very busy and very hungry.” Empathy and teamwork save the day in this book about managing anger.




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