Kids Read Picks, vol. 17

Kids Read Picks presents book reviews by kids in Mesa County. Don’t be surprised if you can’t find some of these books at the library or in stores: kids who attend Kids Read Book Club on Tuesdays at 4:00 at the Central Library have access to books before they are officially published.


Rating System:

5: Hard to imagine a better book

4: Better than most

3: Readable

2: Needs work

1: How did it ever get published?


TenNapel, Doug. Cardboard

This was yet again a graphic novel. It was interesting and i loved the idea for this! It was so interesting to read/look at the pictures with all the plot twistes and new ideas that kept getting introduced. My favorite character was definitely Marcus who was spoiled but got better I loved watching his evolution of behavior. I also thought the art in this book was AMAZING!!!

Rating: 5

Ella, Grade 5


Green, John. Kitten Construction Company: Meet the House Kittens

Kids who like cats or kittens will like this book. It is unusual because the kittens build a fantastic house. It’s weird, interesting and odd.

Rating: 5



May, Kyla. Diary of a Pug: Pug’s Snow Day

Bub sees snow. He also sees smoke and sparks in the air and he sees a monster next door. What will Bub do!!!

Rating: 4

Rin, Grade 4



Runton, Andy. Owly: The Way Home and the Bittersweet Summer

It was really cute because owly has no friends because he is a owl and everyone is scared of him but he makes 3 friends and he likes to help.

Rating: 3

Josephine, Grade 5

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