Kids Read Picks, vol. 20

Kids Read Picks presents book reviews by kids using Mesa County Libraries. Don’t be surprised if you can’t find some of these books at the library or in stores (yet): kids who attend Kids Read Book Club virtually on Tuesdays at 4:00 have access to books before they are officially published. They also write reviews of books they recommend to younger siblings and friends so recommendations of great books for kids of all ages are found here.

Rating System:

  • 5: Hard to imagine a better book
  • 4: Better than most
  • 3: Readable
  • 2: Needs work
  • 1: How did it ever get published?

Cover image of Pea Bee & Jay

Pea, Bee, & Jay by Brian “Smitty” Smith 

I liked this book because there were lots of funny jokes like the title and raspberries making raspberries. I would recommend this book to people that like adventures and people that are younger readers.

Grade 3 Rating 4


Clarice Bean Don’t Look Now by Lauren ChildCover image of Clarice Bean

This is a funny book about a girl who gets in trouble a lot. but when she takes the blame 
for something big she winds up in a heap of trouble!

Libby, Grade 3
Rating 5


Cover image of Biggie-Biggie Biggy-Biggy! By Mo Willems

Easy to read!

Trinity, Grade 4
Rating 4



Astronauts: Women on the Final Frontier by Jim Ottaviani & Maris WicksCover image of Astronauts: Women on the Final Frontier

This book is about women going in to space and the challenges they face.

Clara, Grade 3
Rating 5


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