Lynda/LinkedIn Learning resource to end March 14

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Lynda, a popular educational eResource now known as LinkedIn Learning, will no longer be offered through Mesa County Libraries after March 14, 2021.

The change is happening because of Lynda’s new technological requirements that the library is not currently able to meet. The library is working on a solution to the technical issues and hopes to offer Lynda/LinkedIn Learning again sometime in the future.

We urge users to prepare for the change by finishing any classes you have in progress, and then downloading and printing all of your certificates before March 14. Once Lynda’s library availability ends, library staff will no longer be able to help you retrieve anything from your Lynda/LinkedIn Learning account.

Patrons seeking alternatives to Lynda are invited to visit any Mesa County Libraries location for professional librarian assistance. We welcome the opportunity to help.

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  1. I would like to know more about the technical issues.
    I know that libraries were upset when the switch to LinkedIn learning occurred because of the privacy policy and requirements for patrons to provide email and other information.

    But, that was resolved a year ago. At least I thought it was.

    This is a great resource. I hope that the technology issues can be resolved. This is a great resource to the community. Especially those who don’t have the money to take community college courses that are often full of irrelevant material and/or
    are blocked by prerequisites.

    • Hi Adam,
      We are working hard to resolve the technology issues, which don’t involve the patron-privacy issue but do involve newer library-access requirements by LinkedIn Learning. We continue to look for a solution that will allow us to resume offering LinkedIn Learning sooner rather than later. We definitely want to keep offering LinkedIn Learning to our patrons, and we understand how important it is to many different people in our community. We are hopeful that we can find a quick solution and begin offering the service again with the shortest possible interruption.

    • I also am very upset about this closure. their is another similar online free courses called Alison courses are free but you are bom barraged with ads in the unpaid version.

      • Hi Maggie,

        I completely understand your frustration. Hopefully in the future we will be able to offer this resource if the technological requirements are met. In the meantime, I recommend using the eResource Universal Class which is available for use with your library card. It isn’t the same as Lynda, but has hundreds of free online courses. If you have any questions, please call the library at 970-243-4442.


    • Hi Shauna,
      We continue to seek solutions to the technology issues and hope we can resume offering LinkedIn Learning with the shortest possible interruption.

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