New Clifton Branch designed to save energy

The foreground is bare ground crossed by heavy equipment tracks, with the new library under construction as the main focus of the picture, with the top of Mount Garfield visible just over the roofline.

The new Clifton Branch Library building continues to take shape as weather sealing, roofing, and grading operations make steady progress. (Photos by Jennifer Deering, Mesa County Libraries)

While spring has been off to a slow start in Mesa County, progress on the new Mesa County Libraries Clifton Branch is moving along at a steady pace. Since April is Earth Month, we want to highlight some energy-saving, environmentally friendly features of the new branch. 

With many large windows offering views of Mount Garfield and the Bookcliffs to the north, as well as Grand Mesa to the east, the building is designed to maximize natural daylight to reduce energy use for lighting. Adjustable blinds will help keep cooling costs down in the summer. A computerized control system for HVAC and lighting will help to optimize energy savings in both occupied and unoccupied spaces of the library. Insulation in the walls, much of which was installed during March, is rated above code to help reduce energy use. In addition to these energy-saving measures, low water use plumbing fixtures will be installed to conserve water, too.

In the years ahead, we plan to make this branch even more sustainable. When funds are available, we will install solar photovoltaic panels on the roof, which has been designed with solar in mind. Additionally, two parking spaces are planned for electric vehicle charging stations, one of which will be adjacent to an accessible parking space. The library has requested that Mesa County, on whose land the library is located, install drought resistant/low-water plants as landscaping. 

The new Clifton Branch, located at 3270 D 1/2 Road next to Rocky Mountain Elementary School, will be three times the size of the current Clifton Branch, it will have more space for children and teens, and it will have meeting and study rooms. It is expected to open early this fall.

Find out more about the new Clifton Branch and how you can help support this project by visiting the project webpage or by calling library Development Director Ami Schiffbauer at 970-683-2438.

Close-up photo of a wall under construction covered in white insulation panels with gray sealant between them.

“Liquid Armour” seals gaps in Thermax insulation panels, which will help the new Clifton Library building to perform with a high degree of energy efficiency for many years to come.

Boxes and crates filled with water line components are in the foreground, and the Clifton Branch under construction is in the background.

Crates of water and sewer line components await installation at the site of the new Clifton Branch Library.

Water lines with ceiling sprinklers and metal air units are shown installed in the new Clifton Branch Library.

Mechanical system components, such as fire sprinkler lines and HVAC components, are being installed in the ceiling of the new Clifton Branch Library.

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