Harvest time begins in Discovery Garden

A cluster of pea pods hangs from a pea vine on a wire trellisLooking for some produce? At the Mesa County Libraries Discovery Garden, some of our spring plantings are available for harvest!

Bring a reusable bag or basket, roll up your sleeves, and pick your own!

In the veggie rows, Oregon sugar pod peas, lettuce, and kale are ready for harvest. In the Education Square, we have green onions. In the Food Orchard, we have goji berries, ground cherries, and two types of currants. Herbs can be found throughout the garden and in the Herb Spiral: mint, lavender, parsley, sage, oregano, anise hyssop, elderberry flowers, chives, catnip, and borage!

Please take a fair share so others can enjoy in abundance, too!

The library’s Discovery Garden is an interactive demonstration garden that provides education, food, respite, and community engagement. Located at 517 Chipeta Ave. in Grand Junction (one block north of the Central Library), the Discovery Garden is open to the public daily from sunrise to sunset.

The garden is primarily volunteer-operated and grant-funded, with support from a variety of foundations, businesses, and individuals, as well as the Mesa County Libraries Foundation and Friends of the Mesa County Libraries.

– Reported by Madeline Weickert, Gardener in Residence at the Discovery Garden

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