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A common question we encounter at the library is, “Can you help me with my device?”  It might be an eReader, a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and the answer is, “We do our best to provide assistance for many types of requests.”  We offer a variety of services to assist people with their devices and technology questions, such as Tech Table, Individual Tech Help, or Book a Librarian appointments.  

Tech Table takes place from 12 to 2 p.m. every Tuesday at the Central Library and during that time, you can drop-in for 30 minutes of assistance on a first-come, first-served basis.  Assistance at the Tech Table is also available from staff who speak Spanish.  Another option comes in the form of Individual Tech Help, found on our event calendar.  This is an appointment-based format that requires a library card, as well as registration in advance, for 30 minutes of assistance on Tuesday evenings or Wednesday mornings.  We also offer computer classes and class handouts, as well as Book a Librarian appointments for those who have Mesa County Library cards and who are unable to attend Tech Table or Individual Tech Help sessions.  For Tech Help at the Fruita Branch Library, call in advance to schedule an appointment at 970-858-7703.  Similarly, for Tech Help in Clifton, call in advance to schedule an appointment at 970-434-6936, or attend Individual Tech Help in Spanish appointments from 1 to 2 p.m. during the first and third Wednesdays of each month.

During appointments or drop-in sessions, we do our best to provide assistance in troubleshooting software on mobile devices, connecting mobile devices to Wi-Fi, helping with browser setup, connecting to email, downloading apps, using library apps and services, accessing Library databases, and digital file organization and management.  

There are some instances where we cannot help someone with their device: when there is a request to fix malware, assist with viruses or broken devices, perform a factory reset, assist with financial transactions, or manage hardware.

Another comment that we tend to hear is that people feel foolish because they don’t know how to find the solution to their tech question or issue, but no one knows it all and we all have a learning curve when it comes to technology.  We hope you won’t hesitate to reach out to us if we can assist you.  If we can help you with any of these matters, call us at 970-243-4442 or visit us online at

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