New Gardener in Residence at Mesa County Libraries Discovery Garden

photograph of gardener in residence, Zachary Freeburg, standing in a garden and next to a sign that says Discovery Garden.Be on the lookout for a jovial presence in the Discovery Garden at Mesa County Libraries from now until September 20th of this year. The new Gardener in Residence at Mesa County Libraries, Zachary Freeburg, has already started showcasing his hospitality and gardening skills. If you find yourself exploring the different varieties of permaculture in the garden and notice him working, don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation. The purpose of the Discovery Garden is to provide education, food, respite, and community engagement, after all, and the Gardener in Residence is tasked to use their gardening skills to help further this mission.

Having lived in various places around the United States, Zachary has a bachelor’s in Geology from the University of Florida. His love of watching flora grow stems from his childhood and the encouragement he received in gardening from his father and grandfather. He has also had experience in landscaping, being an outdoor guide, and various forms of hospitality.

Zachary maintains his own garden of over 300 square feet at home and enjoys learning sustainable and biodiverse ways to garden in Mesa County’s high desert climate. He grows beautiful flora but also cares about helping various nutrient-dense foods thrive. He believes that learning more ways to foster responsible gardening techniques is a key to our future as well as a link to our past.

The Gardener in Residence is responsible for operating and maintaining the garden space while also providing public education on garden-related topics. Keep an eye out on the Mesa County Libraries Events Calendar for learning opportunities and other events in the future. Maintaining a positive and educational environment in the Discovery Garden is a priority, and Mesa County Libraries is proud to offer this unique and educational outdoor experience.

The Mesa County Libraries Discovery Garden is located at 5th and Chipeta in Grand Junction, Colorado, right next to our 970 West Studio and Central Location. We look forward to seeing you there!

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