kombucha jar

Making kombucha for fun and profit

Because I’m so hip and cool, I now make my own kombucha. This vinegary, fizzy, fermented probiotic drink is only for the very groovy, though. Made from sweet black or green tea and a very scary-looking SCOBY (symbiotic ‘colony’ of bacteria and yeast), kombucha supposedly originated in China in the 200s BC, where it was […]

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Ceratosaurus drawing Brooke Safken

Dino Dreamin’

If you’re a girl like me, you grew up playing with dinosaurs. When your sister tried to force you to play with her little Suzy dolls instead of dinosaurs, you made your T-Rex figurine bite Suzy’s arm off within a matter of minutes.  My fascination for paleontology and dinosaurs began early and took off like […]

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Time to grab some yarn

The seemingly endless summer is finally over, and, with temperatures pleasingly lowered, it’s time to get out the crochet hooks and knitting needles again. I, for one, will continue to work on the behemoth granny stripe bedspread project I started two years ago. So huge. So unwieldy. So not even half done. As ridiculous time-sucks […]

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Recommendations for Kids: Sci-Fi

Excited about ComicCon? I am. Because I was introduced to cons through science fiction conventions such as WorldCon and DragonCon, just the thought of ComicCon got me excited about reading new science fiction from our library. It’s never too early to start enjoying science fiction.  For the youngest kids Zelda’s Big Adventure by Marie Alafaci, […]

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What can kids do at Comic Con?

One of the really cool things about Mesa County Libraries Comic Con is that it is a family-friendly event. Take the kids to Comic Con this Saturday, Oct. 7, at Two Rivers Convention Center, and you’ll find plenty of fun activities for youngsters throughout the day. We even have a room just for kids under […]

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How much does Comic Con cost?

There is no admission charge to get into the Mesa County Libraries Comic Con this Saturday, Oct. 7, at Two Rivers Convention Center in Grand Junction. But if you plan to make a day of it, you’ll find food and merchandise available for purchase at the convention. In the Expo Hall, lots of awesome things […]

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Graphic: Mesa County Libraries logo

How do you do bookshelves?

Being the in-the-know hepcat that I am, I’ve become aware of certain perverse trends in personal, at-home book shelving. Seething in indignation about them is a fun, but lonely, pastime, so I’ve included the most egregious examples below for your consideration.   Color-coded! How very fun and decorative! Bah. Why do you have so many […]

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Comic Con to celebrate fans, superheroes, and more Saturday, Oct. 7, at Two Rivers Convention Center

  Where can you find superheroes, space aliens, costumes, comic books, a TARDIS, and more? Visit the third annual Mesa County Libraries Comic Con, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017, at Two Rivers Convention Center in downtown Grand Junction. This all-ages, family-friendly event will bring together thousands of fans from throughout western Colorado for […]

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Changes Coming to OverDrive 9/28

The changes that OverDrive has been saying are ‘coming soon’ for over a year are finally here!  This Thursday, 9/28, your OverDrive experience will look a bit different.  Here are some of the most important changes: Redesigned interface to make downloading faster and easier. Titles now have easy-to-understand wording for Available vs Wait List and […]

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