eResource Spotlight: Points of View Reference Center

Struggling to make sense of modern issues? Curious to learn new perspectives? Researching something you saw in the news?

Points of View Reference Center might be just what you’re looking for.

Points of View Reference Center provides everything you need to develop a deep understanding on hundreds of controversial topics, offering balanced and nuanced perspectives on topical issues from abortion, immigration, LGBTQ rights, government surveillance, and more. Each topic features a neutral overview of the topic, an argument, and an opposing argument, allowing you to critically engage with all sides and develop your own perspective.

Don’t just take each argument at their word – Points of View Reference Center provides the tools to think critically and cut to the core of each topic. Each argument in Points of View Reference Center provides a lengthy bibliography, a series of questions for critical analysis of the author’s argument, and a set of deeper questions to ponder in order to reach your own conclusions and separate fact from opinion.

Points of View Reference Center is an excellent resource for students, teachers, or anyone else looking to sharpen their debate skills and understanding of topical issues. To explore Points of View Reference Center, visit, click our eResources A-Z, and scroll to Points of View Reference Center. You will need to enter your library card number to access the resource from home. If you don’t have a card, you can apply online for a digital access card or visit any of our Mesa County Libraries locations.

This is just one of many eResources available through the Mesa County Libraries website. We will be spotlighting more of our eResources in the coming future, so stay tuned and have fun exploring our offerings.

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